Green Real Estate Consulting has been established at Hannam-dong with the express purpose of providing quality real estate service to clients.
Green Real Estate Consulting is one of the leading real estate agency specialized in residential leasing and selling for foreigners. But, the company thus far clearly distinguished itself from the rest. The territory, in which we provide our real estate services, is mainly the Itaewon, Hannam-dong, Dongbinggo-dong, Ichong-dong, Sungbuk-dong, Yunhui-dong, Pyoungchang-dong, Bangbae-dong and Kangnam area.
In addition to home finding, the company provides comprehensive relocation programs.

The company can offer the housing and related services as follows:

  • Home finding
  • Relocation follow-up
  • House maintenance and Repair
  • Telephone service, cable service or Satellite television service
  • Shopping, Banking
  • Cleaning service
  • Moving
  • School information on appropriate communities.
  • Comprehensive area orientation and information.

  • With great experience in real estate as well as intimate local knowledge, we work extensively to help foreigners meet their need.
    We are proud to announce that Green Real Estate Consulting forces to create Korea's most dynamic and compelling real estate agent.
    We are excited about the future, and we look forward to working with clients.

    Green Real Estate Consulting Co, Ltd
    36-1 Hannam-dong, Yongsan - ku, Seoul, Korea 140 - 211
    Tel. (822) 749 - 8070 / Fax. (822) 749 - 8060    E - mail :