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(1) Houses (single family homes)
Houses in Korea can be quite large and have the advantage of having a yard for children to play. But they can also require more upkeep, such as gardeners, guards, and maids. Also, there may be more maintenance problems, as many houses are older and there are no managers overseeing them.

(2) Villas (Townhouses/ Condominiums)
Villas are similar to townhouses and condominiums in other countries. They are no higher than four stories and are connected to other villas. These can be a reasonable alternative to a house for a family, as they are still spacious and often have a common yard where children can play. They also usually have a manager who oversees repairs , cleaning and security etc.

(3) Apartments
Apartments are usually part of high density buildings and tend to be smaller than houses or villas. The neighborhood area may offer a variety of services for the units such as a dry cleaner, market and flower shop. Luxury apartments may be surprisingly large, but the typical Korean style apartments vary in size, even within any one building. Almost all apartments have a twenty-four-hour watchman service at the entrances to each elevator or stairway, so security is quite good

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