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Rent does not include utility costs such as electricity, gas, water, and heating. The estimated average cost of utilities are $300-$500 in the summer and $700-$900 in the winter, it is hard to foresee the exact range. Obviously the utilities fees vary depending on the size and construction of the home. Heating costs for houses are higher than for apartments due to the lack of insulation.

  • Electricity

  • Most buildings use 220 volts, although some older houses may have both 220 and 110. Korean 220 plugs have 2 round prongs, and 110 plugs have 2 flat prongs (no 3rd prong for ground).

  • Appliances

  • Most homes are not equipped with basic appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners etc. If appliances are shipped from abroad, most residences in Korea have 110 and 220 voltage, although there is a growing tendency to set up only 220 voltage. TVs, VCRs, refrigerators and other appliances with 50 Hertz cannot operate in Korea's 60Hertz system. Hence, small items such as clocks tend to go faster

  • Water

  • Usually billed every 2 months, general water usage is charged according to the type of user(residential or commercial). Although certified as safe for drinking by the government, many people still prefer to boil water before drinking it. Residents can also buy bottled drinking or mineral water at the local store or supermarket or have it delivered. The city water company hotline phone number is 121.

  • Maintenance Fees

  • Residents in apartments or villas with a management office will receive a monthly bill for maintenance fees. (Some apartments include some utilities in the main bill while others separate them.) These fees include the salaries (guards and maintenance workers), shared utilities (electricity for elevators and lighting), and maintenance and repair fees.

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